Wednesday, June 13, 2007

We told you so!

Andrew Marr converts to Thatcherism

This must really stick in the craws of those of you out there who still cling on to the ridiculous notions of planned economies, statism and the like.
For a dried up old MSM Leftie like Marr to well, frankly, Adore St Mags is delightful.

As ever, the Right won the economic arguments and as yet another Socialist Administration collapses under 10 years of misrule - you will all see that we were right all along.

Oh - and if you disagree - think about your mortgage, owning your own home, financial freedom and the fact that you don't live under Soviet Communism and then try and work out what would have happened if Callaghan had won in '79.
Arthur and the digger-boys may still be digging coal - but you would still have to wait three months to own a telephone, and you would buy your hoover from the Electricity Board Shop.....

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