Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Olympic Logo

As you know the 'brand' has been released. I can't be bothered to reproduce it, as it is already speading across the blogoshpere like crabs in a convent.
It needs a phrase. Please select one of those below - and send it to the chimps running the show.

- Car Crash
- Stench of Death
- Failure writ large
- Camel vs Horse
- Ship of Fools
- Hubristic waste of money in the grand style of kelptocracies and other personality cult politics.
- All of the above.

I have seen Primary school collages depicting Guernica looking better.


Kate said...

As someone else (http://bagelmouseuk.typepad.com/studio_living/2007/06/a_blow_for_lond.html) has pointed out, it looks like someone giving a blowjob.

Nicodemus said...

It's the grisly sight of the once great Seb Coe sucking the foul tool of ZanuLab Vanity.