Thursday, June 07, 2007

Warning on Wine bottles

I'm with St Boris of Henley on this.
Despite my state last night and how I feel this morning. I am adult enough to know it was all my fault and that no nannying from the government would have made any difference.

I do feel this is the augur of things to come. There is a fundamental shift in the liberties of the individual that has been sold to the public as 'for it's own good'.

Our movements are tracked, monitored and we will be charged for it.

Our money now belongs to Gordo and it is his munificence alone which allows us to spend it on what his grandees think is safe for us to consume.

We are assets of the state, and woe betide if we care not for those assets.

Our liberty is at the sufferance of the state, and it can be removed at any time without warning - and it's agents can enter our homes at will and detain us on suspicion alone.

The infrastructure of oppression has been slowly built up around us - how long until we need the governments permission to go to the seaside? It will be sold as our carbon ration - but how different is it in outcome to movement restrictions over the good old Soviets?

We were lulled into a warm blanket of social justice by Blair - and we awake under the jackboot of Brown.

Be very, very afraid.


Theo Spark said...

The Tesco Clubcard will also keep a record of what you drink and how much. Just wait to see how long the Gov takes to find a way of obtaining this info from Tescos for use in the NHS or court cases involving drink!!

Nicodemus said...

I think they would like to go the way of rationing, then you cant give any to your children....
It is so, so illiberal.