Thursday, June 07, 2007

Lessons from T'North

Life's rich tapestry has ways of teaching you little lessons. They normally come when you are off your guard and catch you quite unawares. After all - does nemesis not always follow hubris?

1. Human Resources.
Try what you will - it is the innate programming of HR to seek to discombobulate one's wits to the extent you let slip juicy nuggets of information. Duplicity is their nature - which is why they are always depicted as cats.
Even if they are being pleasant - they will ply one with drink anyway if nothing else to see what happens.

2. Electric Telephones.
A fool and his phone are always attached. Never a good idea if one is suffering from any degree of discombobulation howsoever caused. Do not make telephone calls, especially not where a degree of sensitivity or circumspection is required. You will regret it.

3. Breakfast.
Always eat hearty when you can - especially before going into action. If you see the Chief Executive munching his brekky, do not speak to him. Or make eye contact.
(Oh gosh sir, yor eg is all runy)

I have fallen foul of lessons 1 and 2. Fortunately my judgement was intact enough to avoid lesson 3.

The clever souls here in York sell Alka Seltzer in Ye Olde Staffe Shoppe.

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