Monday, June 18, 2007

The Cultural Chap

As part of the Treaty Stuck with the The Sultry Journo Chap here was obliged to make an attendance at the The Royal Academy .

Now, despite what my detractors would maintain - there is more to my current brand of Chappism than Lantern Jawed Resolution On The High Seas, Steely-Eyed-Determination in the cockpit of an aeroplane, collecting cellars full of unique fine wines and unfashionable politics.

As a renaissance chap - one can effortlessly glide from the engine rooms of the wheels of industry to the halls of high artistic self indulgence and elitist excellence - even if at most times the latter appears to be little else other than trade fairs for bores, the self important and raving homosexuals.

And so, with requisite black top, slightly fashionable stubble and some sturdy brogues for reassurance, one set to sully forth with a winning smile and the rakish charm necessary for coping with ART.

Many good, plenty indifferent, a few atrocious items and the place was rammed full of theatrical types and an awful lot of totty - even if a few of them did have that dreadful art-school attempt at looking gut wrenchingly fashionable but instead appeared like they had been to a charity shop with their eyes closed. (A fine line, I grant you.)

My name is Rio......

One area that caught my eye was the Light Installations. In particular one drew a smile to my face.
Sultry Journo caught my smile. I offered an explanation.

'It reminds me of a hotel I stay at in Frankfurt. Same Neon Tubes and Same Mirrors to produce cubes. '
'There's a place like that In Edinburgh..' She offered, somewhat intellectually.
'Be that as it may,' I said 'But it is still like waking up in Duran Duran video.'

I received a look which clearly indicated I was slipping into Fogey mode and it was clearly time to check out the 3D works - where my cynicism could be more easily overwhelmed.

All in all - it was rather fun - loathe as I am to confess as such.

The next stage of the cultural exchanges (having being threatened with something a 'bit more challenging') is my turn. I have already exposed her to Aviating. I have now to ratchet up the stakes a bit.
We are already competing at the Chap Olympics - so the only option left is to spend an evening with the Hellfire monks raising demons.
I hope she likes Chicken Blood - it is a bit of an acquired taste (like my lasagna) but the Brothers can be rather insistent.


sigismund said...

Has the conversion to O'Brien commenced?

Will the term "slab sided" or "swab" start to resonate across cyberspace?

Nicodemus said...

I have it on good authority that your squeeze has got you reading Marian Keyes books. AND you cut out articles from Heat and pin them to your fridge.

sigismund said...

Eh? who pray is Marian Keyes? And as you know my fridge door is wooden and thus could not attach heat cuttings. They go to the lavatory, where the light is better.