Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Round The Island - a review

I think the key learning here is on drills.

Upwind - our drills were fine, the bow team soon synched to the Pit crew and it was slick throughout the day.

Challenge was on the gybes. We had the flat storm kite, so that made handling a bit easier - but we needed better coordination from sheets and guys to the bow-men.
My chief recommendation would be to swap roles for the day and spend some time playing clutches and pole dangling to get a feel for everything.
Then we work up a coordinated routine that allows for the unclip / reclip to work without losing power through the eye of the gybe.

Other than that - we worked well as a scratch crew.

When we have sorted the photos out on Flickr I'll send a link.

Hamster wheel beckons.......

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