Monday, June 25, 2007

Round The Island update....2 Post race analysis

Nose at the hamster wheel rather a lot this morning (at least two pissing contests coming in as many days).

I have a stack of reflections on the race at the weekend - and I intend to put a fairly weighty post up about it.

Quick run-down though:

13th in Class, less than 30 minutes off the pace, 15 minutes from podium - statistically - just on a 5% variance in performance over the duration, 2% separating us from the podium.

30th In Blue Fleet - IRC class 0.970 or below

177th Overall from 1735 registered competitors, 1550+ finishers, we DNFs and incomplete time penalties / line recalls and usual shouting at the protest meetings.

Improvement of 78 positions since previous RTIR we completed - for a scratch crew this is a laudable achievement - not only to complete but to be just that competitive - we had to be getting a lot of it right.

Quick reflection - how deep must we dig to get that 2%?

Will give an update later - but special thanks to Ralph, Paul, Francois, Maggie, Liz and Susan for making Saturday THE race of the year!

Images copyright. JP Morgan RTIR

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