Thursday, June 21, 2007

Blood on the Carpet - again

One should always be wary of 'timed' announcements and formal 'briefings'.
Other than the requisite calling on the buzzword bingo - it normally means that there Will be polythene sheets on the floor to stop the carpet being ruined.

We knew it was coming.
The fact of Big Grey shedding 68% of the team for which I grind merrily away at the millstone, is part of horror the of grubby, commercial, paid employment. (Outside the Public Sector, of course, where you can be a workshy unemployable slob and still be unsackable and live off my taxes until you die)

Being enlightened souls, rather than do what people would have done 20 years ago (Go on strike, picket and generally act like a firm can magic money out of nowhere and it's existence is there to serve our shallow ends) we all decide to take the money stick, up two fingers and flee the clutches of Big Grey.

I for one cannot wait.


Anonymous said...

funny.... I was under the impression that "workshy unemployable slobs" also pay taxes and have actually saved your life a couple of times.... ah well... back to the MRSA infestation..

Nicodemus said...

You miss my point.
Not saying that everyone I pay for in the Public Sector is a workshy unemployable slob. Merely that in the Public Sector, should you wish to be a workshy unemployable slob, you can do so, not get sacked and live off my taxes until the breathing stops.
I am sure that in the line of your dedicated duties you have come across many who fit said bill, who should suffer death by insect...?

Unlike yourself - whom I know to be driven by dedication and duty - the NHS is riddled with people who know that if they try hard they won't get rewarded any more or less than those who fuck up - so they give up bothering.

Nicodemus said...

BTW the tax thing is about net receipts vs net payments on the exchequer.

The Con is that of course, an army of beauracrats are paid to give you some money then take some back, rather than them just giving you the net amount. It's all to do with creating non-jobs in Inland Revenue, making people grateful for keeping what is yours to start with, and making you feel as if you have contributed to the net growth.
Keynes Vs Smith.