Friday, June 29, 2007

Just when you thought I was cynical......

The tone is set......

Car Bomb in London

I like the bit about it being packed with 60 litres of petrol - or as we normal people call it a 'full tank.'
Gas tanks - Scuba diver? Welder?
Nails - Builder?

I'm waiting for someone to point out that gram for gram petrol is explosive as dynamite.

There is something not quite right about this picture.

You would need a lot of C4 to blow up a gas cylinder, and your yield would make it unworthy.
If you had the plastique to set off the cylinder, then you may as well use it for the nails. Any trainee jihadist worth his prayer mat knows that the best expanding solid with a high-ex initiator would be flour or custard powder.
For chrissakes, there was even a programme about it on Horizon in the 80's.

Even the provos knew how to do this - if you can get the initiators, you either use High-Ex to shatter and disperse (Nail Bombs from the 80's) or Mid-Ex for expansion and collateral damage.
(Baltic Exchange)

Gas Cylinders are a Hollywood FX.

Now - I wonder.

What bad news are they burying....?

Or...just another excuse to keep the climate of fear going......

We have woken up in Terry Gilliam's Brazil.

The era of spin is over. Get set for total news and thought control.

Don't ask yourself 'Am I paranoid' - but ask 'Am I Paranoid Enough?'

Seems I was wrong...........seems the IED scheme here is popular in Blair's 'Nam....

Oh dear, seems that Fred Carnoe's circus has taken up Jihading in style. Two dodgy car bombs (sans accelerant - or detonator.....) Then the stunt straight out of a Sky Two 'Hollywood's silliest stunts' exercise in Glasgow (convenient that, eh? In Scotland - time to have a poke at that Salmond prick) ends in heroic handy fire extinguisher episode of 'have a go passenger' or as I read it - part of film crew.....

Sorry this stinks. Keep us scared. I can hear the failed teacher and the rest of Gordo's sock puppets desperately pushing for even more illiberal measures.


Anonymous said...

I'm glad it's not just me old chap ...hmmmmmm ...Gordon just crowned ...Regional ministers appointed to fast forward the destruction of dear England ...Spice girls reform in the hope of re-igniting that 1997 Cool Britannia buzz Phoney Tony so loved ...and a duff bomb threat to make sure we keep our doors bolted and take the ID cards up the bum without the lube.

No doubt ...we are being stitched up like a kipper.

Nicodemus said...

And the MSM toadying and cooing round them, it's nauseating.