Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Bread and Circuses

This has got me very annoyed..... it smacks of republicanism at it's most odious.

We could celebrate:

St George's Day (Where George saved the world)
Trafalgar Day (Where Nelson saved the world)
Waterloo Day (Where We Saved the world)
Armistice Day (Where we saved the world)
Battle of Britain Day (Where we saved the world)
D-Day (Where we saved the world)
VE Day (Where we saved the world)
VJ Day (Where the Americans saved the world, but it was our idea)

But the idea of us celebrating an achievement like this doesn't appeal to them, as it might make someone who was descended from those we saved the world from, feel bad about trying to have it their way - or the smack of us wanting a bit of gratitute for expending the flower of three generations on the field whislt bankrupting ourselves for fifty years - and it is important that we feel bad about saving the world, as we sould have done it by diversity outreach or inclusivity seminars.

So instead, lets create a new one - shall we call 'National Diversity Day'. Everyone except the dull white, middle class, middle aged and balding tax payers gets a day off.
A parade, extra benefits for all those attending!
Red Ken gets to stand at a podium and floats celebrating diversity trundle past him while he takes the salute.

It's one short step to having ICBMs on trucks, thousands of tanks and hordes of outreach coordinators goosestepping past him.

Go away and make something work for once you pointless bunch of failed social workers and human rights laywers.

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sigismund said...

It is being done to distrct us from the horrendus mess they are making of the country.

we see through it, the mob cannot. The mob must be destroyed.