Wednesday, June 27, 2007

The New Soviet

Whilst the Brownites of my readership are no doubt gloating over the turncoat (who's name I will not publish) who crossed the floor - I would like to point out some similarities.

He clearly does not hear the people - for he fears them - why else would he insist that he should not stand for reelection - unless he fears the ire of those who voted him in.
A bit like the coronation of Dear Leader, what?

But welcome to the New Soviet.

Expect more taxes on those of us who actually generate rather than consume wealth - for in the eye of the one eyed, only state spending is worthwhile.
Expect the client state to expand so we are all grateful for his munificence.
Expect even more rigorous controls on freedom of movement - it is for our own safety/good/carbon footprint (delete as appropriate). It may be road charging - but if they can track us effectively enough to charge us for it, expect every possible moving traffic violation to be hardwired.
Expect more curtailment of individual freedom for our own good - like ID cards.
Expect more powers of the state to intervene in our lives.
Expect the cowardly dead tree brigade to continue their toadying - they are no better than Pravda or Trud.
Expect more meaningless targets and statistics - they will want us to believe we are happier, even when credit card Britain goes credit card bust - it will only be those evil landowners who steal housing (And other Daily Mirror shite) who suffer.

Welcome to The United Socialist State of Britain.

You will rue this day, for the lights of liberty are going out over this country - we may not see them lit again for a decade.

PS: A tenner on Kinnock being in the cabinet!

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