Monday, June 11, 2007

Mode S Transponders

Does anyone have access to the technical data and feeds these give to ATC?
Am I correct in understanding that these are designed to switch to Galileo?


sigismund said...

Mode S transponders have no need for a feed from GPS.

This is a mechanism to allow TCAS / ACAS to work withother types of aricraft.

I know you rag and bone men like the freedom of the skies and all that - and as long as you stay away from everything remotely like controlled airspace that is fine.

And with a cruise of around 45kts it is all well and good. But for all intents and purposes that 747 on a divert to Birmingham from Stanstead cant see you, and wont. The first they will know is as No 4 engine goes pop as a glider gets sucked in. Coupled with that affliction gliders have with hanging around cloud base - it aids to survival.

The skies are crowded - and speaking as someone who didnt have an airprox with a harrier but saw one everso close as it went past at 600kts - anything that helps them see me is a bonus. (i was squaking on Mode C 7004 - conspic for aerobat ops).

I see the big brother concerns but in this instance it rests on fact old chum

have a squizz

Nicodemus said...

I don't have a tinfoil flying helmet, if that is what you are implying.....