Wednesday, June 20, 2007

In a Twist of Fate....

Rather Bizarrely, the Sultry Journalist is slithering her way around a conference in the Frozen Wastes, ('oop North) cutting deals, wheeling, dealing, ducking and if I be as bold to venture - diving; where as I am stuck in South London writing turgid copy for an in-house publication.

Obviously without the Gala Luncheons and friends in the 'Media' - but other than that, a role reversal of sorts!

Speaking of the Fourth estate - everyone will have seen the 'Go To Work On An Egg' thing being banned, with usual rent-a-quotes wheeled out by the MSM and the dead-tree brigade. My fave quangocrat was the bod from the Egg Information Board. It brought to mind my favourite quango - here.

Look 'em up - can anyone beat that?

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