Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Vote! Vote! Vote!

I am taking the fast picket to Normandy tomorrow morning, and returning to Blighty in the evening laden with SWAG. - Sancerres, Macons, Gigondas, Cote de Beaunes and good Rhone Ros├ęs. I shall lunch in St Vaast and look out across the La Manche while dining and consider my good fortune.

The down side is that I will not be able to put my X in the box.

I boycott postal voting, as it is a mere ruse by the Evil Socialists to fiddle the votes Mugabe-style. I also like the ceremony of putting my X in the box with the pencil stub and putting it in the big box marked 'BALLOT BOX'.

The best bit is of course looking forward to the outcome tomorrow night. I am an election night junkie - and sit awaiting Peter Snow with his various swingometers.

Needless to say - there is only one outcome worth considering, and let us hope that we 'wipe the eye' of the Evil Socialists and the Evil Crypto-Socialists.

We are slaving under a yoke of control freakery, nannyist, corrupt, grasping, cronyist, thieving, lying, sanctimonious, patronising, deceitful, illibertarian, and big-brother government. Your freedom to live your life un-bothered by their evil nosey ways has even come down to putting cameras in your dustbin. All that is necessary for this evil to prevail is for good men (and women) to do nothing.

I urge all of you to do your duty, and go and do anything, anything, other than vote Labour tomorrow.

I shall be drinking wine and eating oysters.

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