Tuesday, May 22, 2007

End in sight

It would appear, well by Alan the Artisan, that the horrors that were my drains - are now fixed. The Bathroom is finished, and he will complete the kitchen today.

All over, bar the hoovering, getting the dishwasher out and working again and repainting the garage....

I can now return home and spend the rest of the weekend clearing up. Other than a bit of light aeronautical adventures of course.
I will need to hose down the motorbike though. Apparently the nastiness may have reached her.

But to other matters. I have taken the bit of the post down where I was rude to The Scot. On reflection doing that to a conversation wasn't very fair. I can be big about this. Points made all round.

Nothing to say about the Cutty Sark, as it was headline news in the blogsphere. Very sad, though. I still think we should sack Calais, just in case it really was the French.
Nice day in Croydon, as well. If such a thing can exist.

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