Tuesday, May 29, 2007

The omens ain't good so far this week.

The Colonies phoned last night to talk about a 'disengagement and re-engagement' framework. (Eh?) I muttered dark words about a dialogue sequence and an end-game. (Eh? Eh?)

Text mesage from my boss at 06.00. Stern stuff about Our European colleagues.

Plumbo-Jumbo are late - making me late with them.

Scotty has been in touch to advise that she has found an alternative route to her sailing, and has resigned her commission as one of my loyal vassals. (Why text me at 7.30 in the morning to tell me that? Anyway - I will have no truck with apostates)

So - nine fifteen, and if the day recedes into a purple cloak of doom any further, then hemlock tea shall be in order.

It may be Tuesday - but it does feel like a Monday.


Anonymous said...

Where have you been hiding?
You have been off the grid for a few days. As you have not mentioned Morocco, one assumes you have smuggled yourself plus some tweeds into London.

Anonymous said...

why 7.30am ...indeed...

excited ..perhaps

...no more saluting & answering to whistles, no more drills, just nice people who wouldn't pee on ones leg in the dingy ...

yes 7.30 am ..perhaps the delight was contained until then

B xx

Nicodemus said...

I'll see you swing from the highest yardarm in Port Solent for this!
And I have never peed on your leg in the dinghy.
That was warm bilge water.

Anyway - you'll be back. Demanding forgiveness. And you will have to serve your time before the mast again lass. You will need to re-learn your duty!

Anonymous said...

interesting ..

..back door manuevours in Morocco with sinister foreign types on the quiet

do ..pray tell nicodemus...