Friday, May 25, 2007

The Alvis

Is playing up a tad today.
On the run into the home-base hamster wheel she started playing up.
It seems that 'George' is a bit poorly.
He is a basic fellow, the 'George' in this crate, as all he does is hold speed - not attitude and heading. (More's the pity)
Now - we are not talking 'one engine on fire, two and three feathered and still have to crack the flak barrier at Bremerhaven to get home' - more like he keeps disengaging and asking me to use the ABS to reset the speed. (huh?)

Joy though - a quick call to the spanner fellows and it is on a recall. Apparently the software in the ABS damping is a bit dicky.
Quick probing reveals all sorts of things in the new car with software. Even the electric windows have software.

Why does this suprise me? I know for fact my dishwasher would out-compute Apollo 11.
What annoys me - is that being a Swedish car (Yes I know, not really an Alvis, but work with me ok?) that if I put it in gear the nanny state takes over, and tells me to fill the washer bottle, put my seat belt on, have a wee, put ten pee in my pocket to phone home and have clean pants on should anything happen.
Bloody thing even tells me when I am exceeding 80 with 'dangerous speed - beware'.
Grrr..... ever an incentive to set that alarm off, I can tell you.

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