Wednesday, May 23, 2007

No, the light is the 10.25 to Brighton

Well, quite a week so far, and it is only Wednesday. The grout in the Kitchen around the sink is not dry - meaning I can't wash-up, nor can I clean up after myself. Thus the Chinese this evening beckons.
My light at the end of the tunnel comment refers to what I hope can be the only problem I have left with my drains. British Gas are on their way, and I seek Solace in a very good estate bottled Fleurie plus others.
I say that advisedly, as every single piece of plumbing in my house has either been replaced, overhauled, rimmed out or flushed through. when completed, It will be good for another 70 years. Chez chap just having had her 70th birthday, natch.

But dear reader, where have I been? The MSM is awash with tales of Patsy being hung out to dry, lies in the media, the Cutty Sark being burnt down and all things political for this chap to get hot under his 15 1/2 brass stiffened collar about.

In 'puting terms - it's all about runtime. I have had a lot going 'dahn' this week. Many things to contend with - what with pushing the builders to finish, negotiating my exit from the business I work in, with my expat job to follow it and something else.

Pause for effect, glance at camera 2, then back to cam 1..deep breath.

Gallantry means I cannot say a great deal at the moment. But In a 'blogging will eat itself' way - I have had some interesting thoughts about how the dynamics change when you move between media - and the social impact it has on interpersonal relations.

In blogistan, we are used to existing in free-thought mode. IE: we are entities of our own expression alone. We are evaluated to our connective worth according to what we express and how we use our written skills to express it. In some ways it is very pure. However - it has drawbacks. The most basic Neurolinguistics student will tell you the percentage of communication that is non-verbal. Thus when non textualisation occurs there is a shift in ones' perception of another. In addition, text is not immediate. We edit and polish our statement.
Devirtualisation means we now move to an immediacy and additional non-verbal clues that allow secondary judgements to take place. If the purpose of the devirtualisation is with motive, then any challenges to perceptions are heightened, and as a result sharper judgements get made.
Understanding how transactional intimacy works means understanding that a state-change in media also induces a state change in transactional dynamics. The anonymity of the interweb induces a level of candour that would be surprising in ordinary contact.
From a sociological viewpoint, it will be interesting to review the progress of a devirtualisation with reference to prior contact.

Put simply. I have a date. I have met her via electronic means, and I am nervous.

Nerves are good, they help you focus.

No names, though.

On the other hand, rather thought DC tore into Grinny rather well at PMQ.

I will let you know how the drains go.

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