Friday, May 25, 2007

Oh My Liege, you have spoken


And this is why I will spend this weekend pissing about in an aeroplane, cooking lobster tails on the barbecue for friends, drinking vast quantities of rather good French wine, going out to meet a young lady with the very serious intention of leading her astray and playing with power tools on a wet bank holiday in a crude facsimile of DIY.
Not quite a full life of sex and danger, just more expense and possibly some mild peril.

Certainly beats doing much else. Other than sailing or taking enough Ecstacy to kill a deer.

In other news, whilst playing at frogmen in the Antilles with his Mistress, my brother claims to have a mild dose of the bends and has 'blood fizzing like a bottle of warm coke.' He is really suffering from beach lassitude and the effects of the local cultural cigarettes.

Fez-doff to The Greek fellow.

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