Thursday, May 31, 2007

My New Economics editor

I shall shortly be adding an econmics editor to my fold.
My assumption is that Sigismund merely needs to get a blog of his own, then I can add him to mine?
Does any of my readership know how to do this?

Oh, and I have been gestating a quality rant. Oh yes. Starting with Big Grey and finishing in a Hotel in the Wirral, the gentle satire that is this blog is going to give way to the white hot plasma of chap-rage.
Clearly under Blair's Britain the idea of service quality has gone out of the window, and we get service like the 70's - you remember? When Customers where a nuisance and got in the way. Just like British Rail.
But as a taster - a mere amuse bouche of what is to come. Think corporate double dealing, a delivery company failing (twice) to deliver to an address 175 yards from it's door and the magic ingredient to any hotel bathroom - stout pubic hairs.

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