Friday, August 31, 2007

The only reason why I love the EU

A title that would enrage the Devil himself, but my wits are not so discombobulated in laudanum - for I have one very good reason.

Now - I don't buy all their statist laws, the CAP is a joke, their fishery policies have plundered our waters, their socialist federation dreams are a nightmarish reality and their directives display an ever growing evidence that we are slipping into a hell of their making.

No - I have a singular and what I believe the best possible reason to love the EU - or especially - France.

In 10 days I am trundling over to France courtesy of Mr Peninsula and Mr Orient and driving to a little area south of Dijon known locally as La Bourgogne. It has a reputation for decent plonk.
Now personal taste is one thing - and whilst it can be a little inaccessible (and this is likely to stir up a heated debate more than anything else) I believe a decent Burgundy will knock the spots of all but the finest Bordeaux.

In the past Nanny has decreed that we can't bring home too much as we will make ourselves poorly and Gordo won't get all that lovely duty. The revenue men would stop, search and on the merest whim take away one's hard earned vino.
Now one can whine on about limits and the like - but this is the bit I like.

I can move freely into France from this sceptered isle and buy as much decent plonk as I wish, and not a red cent will go to the British Government.
I can bring it back in tranches of 10 cases (I reckon three trips will do it) and still not give anything to Gordo. If I personally have less than 10 cases at a time it is construed by customs to be personal (which, of course, it is).

This is just as well - because (And you heard it here...) 2005 is being heralded as the Best Vintage probably ever.

I shall be selling a kidney to ensure I have enough of this incredible year to enjoy far into my old age. I shall open every bottle safe in the knowledge that not one red cent of my enjoyment is going to the Government here.

It's not as good as free - but free from the clutches of the Whitehall Thieves is the next best thing.

Thank you France.


Anonymous said...

Dahling you may not pay tax to our dear Mr Brown but you are prone to another stealth tax - I don't know if you've noticed but all your friends know about your extensive wine cellar - & the opportunity to invite themselves over to Chez Chap with the chance of guzzling fine wines until the wee small hours is often too tempting to resist....

Financially speaking - it would be cheaper for you to nip down to Waitrose (pay Gordon the tax) & avoid the influx .. ..

Come to think of it, is it not about time I popped over to the Shires? Seems as if it's been a while ….

Nicodemus said...

Not the case!
The stuff i lay my hands on is three times the price in Waitrose, even more if I lay it down for 5-10 years.
Witness the stuff i get from Alphonse Mellot - €9 at source £18 in Putney Sainsbury's.
The Gevrey I buy isn't even sold over here, plus the joy of the tasting.....

Nicodemus said...

oh - and I guess it depeneds who you actually are as for inviting yourself over as well!