Friday, August 24, 2007

Just call me 'Jonathan'

Well, this chap's sun dappled temple veins have throbbed their last for this week, as one slowly spools down from a furious week hamstering at the wheel.

What awaits this 'sunny' bank holiday?

Well other than spending Saturday acting like a superannuated Ravy Davy Gravy while I sweat out my latest mid-life crisis to the strains of Hernan Cattanéo (He is rather good, mind you) - I shall be luxuriating on a British beach (not the deck of a yacht) while compatriots spoon feed me Rioja and under done sausages

But the bank holiday itself?

I have Important Work on Monday.

Yes - I shall spend the day being a better seagull.

No breakfast flock mayhem for me, oh no.

Nothing quite like pseudo drippy-hippy 1960's mysticism wrapped up as an excuse to play with toys aeroplanes.

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