Thursday, August 30, 2007

Gosh, is that a spreadsheet you're using, or are you pleased to see me?

I have often wondered what we used to do before the Internet or E-Mail when we wanted to look like we were working. (My first office job involved memos, telexes, carbon paper and the like)

There is also a whole generation for whom a Kalamazoo ledger, NCR paper and trimphone are complete mysteries…but I digress.

I also recall that we all used to trog out at lunchtime to Travel Agents and the like - a task we all delight in nowadays thanks to the Internet, as it is a) accessible from our desks and b) we can look like we are working at the same time.

I raised this matter with someone over email today - pondering that we all like playing travel agents nowadays - whiling away those quite moments - so what do Travel Agents do when they are pretending to work?

She rather wittily replied that 'They pretend to do stuff in Excel Spreadsheets- for the Glamour'.

If you combine that with the High Octane world of PowerPoint and the Dangers of MS Project - I clearly lead the life of some international playboy.

Well - compared to your local branch of 'Tommy C' anyway.
Witty quote: copyright bagelmouse 2007

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