Friday, August 31, 2007

Quick! Everyone's looking!

Route to fame:

1. Get name checked on Iain Dale

2. Blow dust off two articles that have been languishing in draft about wine and Boris.

3. Pretend vaguely that you do more than write about your sailing holidays and complain about the RYA.

4. Watch those hits soar. Not.

Chap sticks - where two's company and three's a readership.


Lucy said...

Based off of your photo, for some reason you bear an uncanny resemblance to Peter Sellers.

And I like your name! Is it a reference to:

- The Bible


- Mrs. Frisby and the Rats of NIMH

Nice coming across your blog, by the way. Sorry I couldn't leave more relevant comment to your post. But it's waaaayyy over my head. I have to read the entire archive catalog I to catch a glimpse of the humo(U)r.

James said...

Ha Ha. I've done that before when linked from a popular site (not on Dales scale though).

5. Go back to relying on the regular readers for feeling of worthiness.

Nicodemus said...

Hello Lucy and welcome.
My identity is a closely guarded secret on account of the fact I slag off my employer from time to time - but a spot of 'Quincy' will reveal an actual pic of me somewhere, I can assure you.

In terms of the humour - it's a somewhat satirical look at today viewed in the eyes of someone who should really have been born in about 1850.

Feel free to trawl about in the archive and comment, though. Always nice to have readers....

As for my regular readers for a feeling of worthiness - the best I get from my readers is derision - at worst scorn. Very occasionally I might ply them with a half decent bottle of burgundy and make them sit on the boat and listen to me pontificate. By then they are bored and desert me for ever.

Nicodemus said...

PS: It's Sellers as Lionel Mandrake - confused yet maintaing his sang-froid.