Wednesday, August 01, 2007

Vote! Vote! Vote!

Now dear reader - time for me to shamelessly self promote myself have fun and gain kudos as well.
Thanks to My Girlfriend - I have got 1 vote for Iain Dale's list for this year. I would like to make it 2.

Last year Top Tory blogger - Iain Dale published a list of the Top Political Blogs in the country.

Political blogging has come a long way since the early days - there are even people like me involved.
To be honest - Mr Dale is also vicariously responsible in a convoluted way for my current nauseatingly chirpy 'hullo clouds - hullo sky' demeanor, as I may have followed a link last year which set off a chain of events too disturbing to report. (Yes, it was from Iain, not Guido, dearest, fairly certain)

Now I have emailed Iain this list, and I will shamelessly ask you to do the same thing - except with my name at the top. (Told you it was utterly shameless... :-))

I will get around to blog rolling my more regular reads, of course, but I am still a tad busy.
It is worth noting, that no serious or high minded journalist, or proper blogger would dream of actually referring me - as what I write is generally good natured garbage - but this is a piece of fun.

Mr Eugenides
Dizzy Thinks
Devil's Kitchen
Archbishop Cranmer
Boris Johnson (even if it is mostly his Telegraph Columns)
Order Order
Spectator Coffee House
Iain Dale
Reactionary Snob
Natalie Solent / Biased BBC
Chase Me Ladies
Beau Bo D'oR
Dr Rant
Chicken Yoghurt
Right For Scotland

Add to your email list and send it to: with 'Top Twenty' in the 'about' section.

Vote For ME! If I make the top 1000, there will be a pint in it for each one of you who votes for me. There - shameless bribery - I could run for mayor.....

PS: I don't have time to put links in.....

PPS: I already owe you a pint on this Kate


Kate said...

Shameless vote-fixing! At least I posted mine without pleading for votes, and if I appear it will be on merit only, not due to how many friends I can bribe ...

Nicodemus said...

It is the only way I will get more than one vote, my dear.
In my case I have no merit whatsoever.

Nicodemus said...

I could also buy two pints, and bribe both my friends.... :-)