Monday, August 20, 2007

The Aegean Mission - Part I

Every Journey, they say begins with the first step.
Ours was a faltering, drunken and yet dignified saunter to the Gate.

I took the liberty prior to starting the trip to ensure that the journey was to be as comfortable as possible. To that end I had procured access to the Business Lounge in Gatwick.

'Why bother?' I hear you ask.....
Well - we could only acquire flights on a charter airline.

This meant we were to be delayed by about three hours.

Therefore - what better to soothe away the ills of public transport than an unlimited free bar, with pretzels.

I calculated we spent the cost of the facility in mixers alone before we had completed the first hour's delay.

Value for money was achieved when they had to change the gin bottle.

It is a shame that they no longer call you for flights at Gatwick anymore. There is a certain something to reclining heavily imbided in nectar awaiting your name to be read out along with words like:

'Final Call' or,

'Your flight is waiting'.

More to follow soon.....


Anonymous said...

Dear Sir,

I am somewhat perturbed that the highlight of your holiday, with by all accounts a new squeeze on a presumably sufficient sailing vessel seems to have been the business class lounge at Gatwick.

Your sincerely

Anom, England

Nicodemus said...

Thank you for your comment. You will notice that in the previous 'Im Back' post that I have a lot of material, currently being edited for taste and discretion.
This missive is, afterall, only Part 1. There are many others to follow!

This merely covers the journey from car-park to Aeroplane.

Tales abound of the flight, the boat itself, tacking duels, meteor showers, Italian Seamanship, the capacity of Greek Plumbing and some of my First Mate's wittier observations.

Stay tuned!