Thursday, November 02, 2006

So I have at last started my own blog. This will be the place for my daily ravings, rants, and musings on the world today from the perspective of a modern day decadent gentleman - a 'Chap' if you will. (Hat-tip to Vic and Gustav at the chap magazine)
As the days and weeks progress I am sure a theme and structure will develop - and with luck someone will actually read this.

I invite comment, argument and discussion, but I will moderate them. But please, keep it bilious, controversial, political or left-field.


gladysgoes said...

Dear Chap Sticks

I would like to pose a question for your careful consideration .... Would be it be fair to say that most of these modern day gentlemen who refer to themselves as supposed "Chaps", do in fact harbour covert fascist leanings, given their seemingly far right wing view of society and need to hark back to a period somewhere between the two great wars ?

Nicodemus said...
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Nicodemus said...

Which two great wars? Peninsular and Crimea? Opium and the Boer?
Specifics, my dear, specifics. I am a capitalist libertarian. To a centralising nannyist that may well appear extreme, but it is I, my sweet who occupies the centre.

Anonymous said...

And would this be the Capitalism that distorts people's rational thought processes for the benefit of its own financial gain, and hence survival. Capitalism whose henchmen include the marketing men and women of iconic brands and luxury goods. Whose box of tools are the "hidden persuaders", neigh distorters, of our behavioural patterns. Who lead us to part with sums that would be more than a yearly wage in developing countries on fripperies such as Gucci or Prada handbags. Capitalism that re-inforces our insecurities and lulls us into a false sense of our own worth and credibility by the purchase of aforesaid items ?

Nicodemus said...

The consumer economy is built on desire. No econmoic theory has been more tested to destruction than socialism!