Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Is anyone out there?

I know that I have one or two regular readers.

Which is nice.

However, I need to know that I am among fellow travellers.....

Time to put a couple of theories to the test. Have a shufti, and see if you fulfill the criteria of being a chap .

Let me know how you get along.


Alfred of Wessex said...

Since one does not wear a suit, except to job interviews, and could not possibly afford a Saville Row suit, one is clearly not a Chap.

It would spare impecunious lunchtime blog-readers like myself much embarrassment if a kind chap were to simply state minimum gross and disposable incomes below which one could not possibly be a chap. Oh, and the minimum required in the way of position, house, car, significant other, sartorial elegance, and so on.

Nonetheless I like your blog, to which I serendipitously wandered by way of a comment on Guido Fawkes' excellent site. A few photographs would make it a little more eyecatching.

Nicodemus said...

Alfred of Wessex,

thanks for your kind comments. I shall be publishing more information about the recent invasion of france.

One's income doesnt really define chappish notions. It is once of poise and attitude, rather than filthy lucre. Some of the finest chaps have been as poor as church mice, while there are rather vulgar city gardening types (Or hedge managers - or something) who positively roll in the filth but are either to ill bred or too australian to ever hope to be a chap.

No, it is a mental outlook. I shall be publishing my thoughts on this an other matters as the weeks progress - so do keep looking in. Forthcoming topics inlcude more how to get drunk on a frenchman's money, more spanking of mammon, watching chavs being sea sick, the joy of anti aircraft artillery and theatrical parties with the costumes one must endure for 'christmas'.

Sartorial elegance matters, of course, but whislt I too confess to not always wearing the saville rows, one has to cut slightly above the throng - that's what matters. Oh and know how to enjoy the bacchanalian delights of the grape and all other intoxicants that the lord gave us pleasure receptors for....

PS Guido is quite possibly an uber chap, if it weren't for the sort of facial hair favoured by cricketers or pop musicians.