Friday, November 03, 2006

Skiing to Handbags to Envirofascists and back to handbags - in a way

Why is organising a ski trip like herding cats?
Just as soon as I think we are close to actually nailing something down, one of the extended group want's something different. What am I? A bloody travel agent?
I know I like organising things for my friends, but there are times when I wonder if I should bother.
Still - I fear it could be nailed down soon!

I had asked my particular friend if she would like to come along, but we now think that on reflection it could be a little soon - we are have barely started seeing each other, it is months away and we have both got a lot of travelling to do. I'm in New Zealand, and she's in Chile.

Speaking of my particular friend she wants to have a rant about handbags, and wants a forum. Bit like a rather interesting rant about shoes and lazy journalism had by another blogger in interwebland. (I really need to learn how to do links - but I have a day job - but it is in technology (there's an irony) can someone show me an easy and quick way so to do? I will be v.grateful)

So Em - here's your forum, rant away!
I will say they seem to be getting bigger and bigger. Soon they will have wheels on them. Speaking of which - I saw one website selling those sort of granny trollies with wheels - like my nan used to go to the greengrocers with but this trolley had a trendy red monochrome flower print on it. Did any one actually buy one? (Those trollies) I don't know.

You know, my nan used to walk to the greengrocers - dragging this little tartan trollie thing, and buy just enough veg for my granddad for a couple of days - and took them home in environmentally brown paper bags. And all this before the envirofascists were telling us this is all we should do. She did this not as a lifestyle choice or the government wanted to tax her more but because they could never afford a car.

Pithy quote of the day - I would hat-tip it, but I can't remember who said it so I can't attribute it:
How come we put man on the moon before worked out we could put wheels on cases?
Pah! Consultant's handbags! Still they are useful when you travel on work (as any fule kno), and you need to perch your laptop…..chiz chiz chiz…..


kate said...

yuo got a blog!!

to do a hyperlink, you just put ...

[a href="weblink in here"]name of weblink[/a]

but replace the square brackets with pointy brackets (the ones on the , and . keys)

i hope that makes sense!!

Nicodemus said...

Is that in the text of the create box? Or the html?

let me know what you think of the rest!

rk said...

If you mean those little cases that people pull behind them. Those things are mobile hazards, completely lethal in crowded stations. Where is the nanny state banning instinct when you need it?

Nicodemus said...

Thank you RK.
I would agree other than the fact I abhor the nanny-state. In all it's forms. Gets in the way all the time.