Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Nanny's mouthpiece does her bidding...again...

Roused again from the fumes of my Burgundy induced stupor (Actually, I'm at work, but one can dream) I am yet again riled into saying something.
Devil's Kitchen got here fairly early - check his view here .

Now what gets my goat is this......not only is the convenient crisis timed to hit us at Christmas (yes I am as cynical as you) but let's look at some of the coincidences, shall we Chaps?

1. It comes out at Christmas,
2. It is timed with the BBC's 'No Home' Season,
3. It is timed with a demand for a wodge of further public spending from Gordo Broon,
4. The cross media branding cogs together like a well-oiled Campbell machine.

Not only has it all been trailed and cross media-ed across radio and telly, but they wheel out that odious leftie Ken Loach to drone on the Today programme about how good it was when we had a command economy: We dug coal nobody wanted, ran empty trains and built shit cars no one could sell - purely to provide jobs to wheezing old commies like him. Handy he was available at short notice.....
No doubt Nanny will leap in and tell us she is going to spend some of our pocket money on this.

So one wonders - is Nanny up to her tricks again? IE: She creates a problem, gets us worried, then says she is fixing it, so we feel more comfortable clinging to her skirts?
Except this time - her mouthpiece is Shelter and Auntie Beeb is doing her vile bidding.

Interestingly, 21% of Shelter's income comes from Nanny.

So ironing out these wrinkles: Nanny funded charity calls crisis, via Nanny mouthpiece, calling on said Nanny to do something. Should we be surprised if there is another 'eye catching initiative' coming out from Nanny soon?

On that note, I shall return to my slumber dear reader. And I shall continue chronicling my Invasion of France soon.

Oh, and Ken, if you are reading this can I suggest you stick to making telly programmes rather than thinking you can tell us who work for a living about your vision of an economic utopia soviet style? It is abundantly clear, that in your case, as with most dimwits and window lickers, that being well-known is not the same as all-knowing. You obviously know squat about economics.

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