Thursday, March 06, 2008

Filthy Garlic Soaked Swine!

this chap is pretty ambivalent about our European cousins. Oh they are chummy enough when they want our dosh: the French make good wine, the Dutch grow good weed, the Gerry is good at making up rules and the Belgians know how to breed a good Paedo.

However it was with spluttering disdain over the kedgeree this morning that I heard on the Brownshow (Or Today I think it is called) the ritualistic crowing about the EU vote.

Better bloggers than I can expound on the guts of it. Suffice to say the Lefty political coves have sold our souls to Brussels - for what appears to be a political mess of pottage.

But why?
I cannot reason any fathomable purpose other than they want to be part themselves of some super-socialist club. Untouchable by our electorate they can dream up new ways to mendaciously cut our purses. without fear nor favour of ever being held to account - just like a true Lefty. Surely we are too stupid to understand the high-minded reasoning behind such altruism and therefore we are not to be asked if we want to give everything to the European unelected political elite.

In my experience, having to face down and explain just what you are doing with the money that you have taken off someone by force makes you think about it. One can only assume that such accountability rests poorly in their thieving consciousnesses and they therefore seek to distance themselves even further away.

I suggest we bring back the pillory, for this and other crimes.

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