Wednesday, March 26, 2008

The Criminal Mind

A modern chap has many career options.

Naturally the thought of toil makes one shudder in absolute horror and one's mind turns to alternative employ.

One has often thought that employment of some raffish gentleman thief would suit. Diamonds from dowager widows, paintings from one's own gallery - a sort of Thomas Crown meets Raffles. Or The original Sir Charles Litton (The Phantom)

In such a world, when caught for such a crime, the bumbling French detective will have let you go and you will be free to commit only the most worthy and notable cat-burglaries while impeccably dressed.

Alas - modern times bring changes wrought ill.

To-wit a modern crime - card fraud.

Now, this chap's Alvis is kindly fuelled by his employer and he is charged with barrelling about blighty imparting his guidance and wisdom. This is enabled by a 'fuel card' .

Said fuel card was recently 'cloned' in South London.

In the good old days you were either a gentleman thief (qv), an evil genius (Stealing Nuclear Submarines, stroking white cat etc) or a good honest old cockney robber (fair cop, guv, you've got me bang to rights..)

These criminal geniuses not only used the cloned card in the petroleum station where it was cloned, but put their own car registration against the log.

Society has, indeed, gone to hell in a hand cart.

Bit like the idiots who stole my bank card details, bought a mobile phone and ordered without realising it would only go to the billing address. IE - Me.

Mind you - health and Safety nowadays prevents the Police from actually apprehending anyone - so they are free to steal again.

PS: LG 52 NTC. You deserve to be caught.

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