Thursday, July 05, 2007

Things are all right in the world

As you, dear reader, know I am blessed with friends who are not ordinary. In fact, there is nothing terribly ordinary about me either.
I am delighted to report that a chumrade of mine has returned to form, after many months in the wilderness.
Yes, she has been pursuing the baser forms of animal gratification with a gentleman - meaning she has been on what can only been described as best (soppy) behaviour.
Instead of high wisdom I hear tales of moon-calfing about, puppy-dog eyes and holding hands as they stroll through the crashing surf. Or something like that.
This has caused consternation in Chateau Chap, as there are times when I expect, nay, demand loftier things from my chumrades.
But high wisdom has returned.
I am delighted to report that The Scot is back on form.
I received an email, this morning detailing her morning report......
Scotty - I give you joy of your High Fibre diet!

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

3 healthy otters sporting a glorious array of autumnal marbling disappeared off down the U-bend without a hint of sentimentality or as much as a glance goodbye...

..could bring a tear to a glass eye.