Friday, July 06, 2007

Apply within

Best Job In The World

I shall dash off a letter at once - but only if they can provide their equipment in XXL.

Ironically enough the manager of the shop where I had my first Saturday job 23 years ago said I would end up doing something 'ludicrous' and he stated the example given above.

A prophet no less.


Anonymous said...


I reviewed your list of household consumables with some interest. One item in particular leapt out at me: Sillery.

Visits to several wine merchants, including the venerable Berry Brothers, have come to naught. How does one go about procuring the liquor, I am at a loss.


The Spitzbergen Djinn

Nicodemus said...

Alas, it is rarely available Mr Spitzbergen, hence it's inclusion in my price index. A dear friend Jno Aubrey Esq RN gave me a case (the ones with the yellow seal) asI was occaisioned to take a glass of it one afternoon in his cabin.

Anonymous said...

Thank you for your memorandum.

I fear I shall be compelled to explore the relevant region of France. Persuading the better half of my pressing need will be delicate in the extreme. I shall, with your permission, keep you appraised of my progress.