Tuesday, July 24, 2007

A Factual Correction

My particular friend has rather accurately pointed out that it was actually me who ran the bath, lit the candles, created the bubbles and I may have indeed poured the gin.

My collusion in said crimes is actually indicative of the surrender.

The excellent feast in the kitchen was actually prepared by her and I am duty bound to point out it was delicious, healthy and very welcome.

It must be pointed out that other facts regarding the infestation, my domestication and over-running of my defenses still stand - at least until I realise what is good for me, and withdraw the whole damn thing.

Nicodemus E Chap, esq.
Tuesday lunchtime.


Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

Donna Da Lodger here... and i have to commend Nicodemus on being big enough to step down and pass the glory over to his 'Particular friend'
I'm still not sure about all this nonsense about the house being filled with gilrie things!! where, where where i ask! I think someone does protest too much- you love being surrounded by the female race, it means you can 'cockerel' around the house

sigismund said...

oh how desperately tawdry

i think we need to hear about his interior design - and his taste in colours...

sigismund said...

Donna - i told you the man is a charlatan.