Thursday, July 19, 2007

Hegemony - an update

Bottles are breeding in my bathroom like Triffids.

Whilst it is nice to have a Lady Caller and Donna-Da-Lodger about, they have achieved their beach-head and are setting about the wholesale take over of my domicile.

Not just candles, now, either.

Like Lionesses marking their scent - other things crop up.

Four different types of fruity shower gel.

Make Up remover pads

Shampoo and other haircare products

Several types of towels

Hygiene products

A set of trolleys containing I know not what.

I even came across a magazine which chilled my blood to ice. I cannot even utter it's title - suffice to say it was about coordinated interiors.

I know I'm doomed.

I know it is cushions, pot-pourri and wooden salad bowls to come.


I shall be making my last stand by the Electric Laundry device.

Fabric Softener? Just say NO.

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