Friday, February 02, 2007

Had a conversation with another leftie the other day.

She was bemoaning her current workload. She's a Surgeon in the Workers Popular Front (NHS) and has to get up at the crack of 8 O'clock to spend 30 minutes in her new car driving (Horrors!) to the Congress of the People's wonders (Hospital) where she operates on her patients.

I feel sorry for her. I mean - fancy the horrors of having scrape yourself out of bed at 8 am five whole days a week? And she is going to have to do it until she is 50 to get an 80% pension which isn't even in the city - it is only funded by our tax!

Poor girl.
Next time I am up at 05.30 to travel 300 miles on a monday to help close down a factory, and chuck 400 poor sods out on the dole so we can afford to keep going at all because these leftie thieves have put our taxes up again to pay for the privilege of her work ethic, I will remember to feel sorry for her.

Sorry folks, Icy calm deserted me there. Normal service will be resumed after a Gin and Tonic and an hour on the hookah.

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gledwood said...

I know!!! Hard life for some isn't it. When the stock market DOES crash like it's going to, only the retired nhs staff will have anything left...