Thursday, March 22, 2007

Spring is Sprung, de grass is riz, I wonder where de boidies is?

Picture the scene.
I and some like minded companions had been 'out' on the town.... a heady mix of music, champagne and other things of which Nanny would frown. A moment of spring sunshine gleams through the window and we are gripped by an urge to go outside and savour the morning air.

Being close to Crystal Palace park an obvious mission to go and frolic amongst the Dinosaurs in state of high minded chemically induced delirium was a clear option.
What could be better than playing on the swings with giant Dinos in our psychedelic state and get a blast of fresh sunshine at 5 am? (Other than running in to members of the general public raising a disapproving eyebrow at us)

As we skipped gaily amongst the budding flowers and congratulated ourselves with the wonder and genius of our own plans, a raucous squawking drew our beadies heavenwards.

One of the many trees in the park was festooned with bright green birds. Loud bright green birds.

'What birds are they?' Intoned one of my female companions.
Being a chap of the Colonies, the wonders of the Orient are no stranger to me.
'Come my dear, they are Parakeets'.
This was met immediately by gales of laughter at what they thought was a ludicrous suggestion.
'In London?' they chanted in unison.
At this, startled, the avians took as one to the wing - whereupon the plumed splendour, long tails and unique visage was apparent.
Open mouthed wonder abounded.

We rushed back with tales of tropical amazment - again met with derision, and derison to this day....until now.

One of the burdens of a genius of my level is that often you make statements that you know are correct, but take many years of doubt as the glacial awareness of the minions attempt to grasp what the devil you are going on about.

So, to all ye who doubted - read it and weep. .


Anonymous said...

you live in crystal palace? blimey, you're closer to me than i knew. thought you were a country gent?!

by the way, my old blog's, like, SO over. littlebluehome is dead; try instead ...

Nicodemus said...

Ah well, one's hamster wheel drags me to many places. I reside mostly in Bedfordshire, but dear friends live in C.P. I myself have lived there, and did at the time that very anecdote took place.

Ah yes, detected it was like TOTALLY over, like.