Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Good enough if you are a Kiwi, but we must be protected from it

More hysteria fulminating in the press, radio interweb today.
This time it is about the age old question as to whether or not we can be trusted with moderation.

Now, as you know, this chap likes nothing more than to fry his brains to Elysium on most of the substances the good Lord gave us neurotransmitter receptors for.

One such item I have come across in my travels is BZP or 'Herbals'
What is interesting about this story .is that the usual nannyists have wheeled out a tame vox-pop to state that she:
'I felt ill in five minutes'.


These things take an hour to dissolve in your stomach. She then goes on to have spent two days in hospital and two weeks off work.
That’s right - she took a worming tablet and spent two whole weeks off work. And suffered flashbacks.
Nothing to say this was an allergic reaction or anything.
My experience of these things is that you are able to get up and go to work the next day. She does point out that it takes her 'all her time to swallow a paracetomol.'
This individual is clearly a delicate flower - and yet these are the opinions being used to shape public viewpoints?

Yet again - more hysteria being promoted about the toxicologically safe, yet outside the reach of the tax-grabbers, and therefore 'Evil'. As with most of this country's policy on drugs, it is shaped not by reason, but by the eye catching headline.

Interestingly whilst Nanny's mouthpieces deride these things as unsafe - New Zealand sell them over the counter in licensed premises legally, manufactured legally, and sold with health guidelines and recovery items. No recorded deaths or injuries either.
The ones in the picture appear to be the very ones sold in New Zealand.

So - another case of Nanny saying things being far too dangerous for us here, yet perfectly safe for the colonies?

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