Tuesday, November 13, 2007

The Chap awards!

Bit of a random one this - but the recipient is thoroughly deserving.

The Golden Pipe award goes to a Mr A. Farrugia of Winchester.

Why? I was aboard his yacht at the weekend - and he demonstrated chappiness beyond the call of duty.
when one is sailing, there is always an element of deprivation. It allows you to shed the clutter of the ordinary life and connect with the cruel mistress that is the sea. We may drink champagne and eat smoked salmon - but essentially there is an element of noble hardship that one expects with a sport that divides the chaps and the chavs.
Mr F has a 'new' boat. Truth be told the hull and rig is nearly as old as me - and the slow process of re-fitting goes on - however she is seaworthy and we took her on her maiden voyage at the weekend.
While underway a suggestion is made to take a dish of tea, on deck like good Christians - in the face of a force 7.

Mr F duly produced the tea - but in best maritime unbreakable cups and saucers.
No mugs for us, oh no. We were able to sit in the cockpit and take tea like honest men.

For this - the golden pipe award is truly well earned.


female political and social comment said...

how very civilised. when i compare my version of a weekend:
bumbping into an ex at the supermarket and being informed that he'd still be up for a jump.
but hey, i suppose a female must take her compliments where she must find them!
i'm jealous!
bye old chap.

Nicodemus said...

The best place for one's exes is under the patio or sold into the hands of barbary coast slavers.
Not the the smoked fish aisle of Waitrose.

female political and social comment said...

i agree wholeheartedly. . .
so why do i keep thinking about him?
could i bother you for some info'?
the number of 'views' on the profile section of the blog keep going up. does this actually indicate how many people are clicking this or is this something else? 'cause i haven't attempted to get any traffic to the site today and yet the 'views' numbers have increased.
oh and by the way, you're supposed to be only 39. i seem to remember you writing something along the lines of
'when you get to my age'
obviously i lost cause myself then, knocking on for 39 myself.
bye dear

Nicodemus said...

One's number increments everytime someone, including yourself looks at the profile.

If one is troubled by woeful memories us chaps tend to do what we call a 'she-tox' (imagine there is a homonym for your approach) Ours involve eating a lot of extremely hot curry, watching a lot of top-gear in our underpants, downloading images of young pygmy tribeswomen doing native dances in Tanganyika (and of course examining them in the bathroom where the light is better), and expunging their images and possesions from our homes.

I am indeed just the christian side of four-oh. However my Mindset is very much somehwere in between 1879 and the Roaring 20's.

If I was in anyway way modern, I wouldnt travel by glider, insist on a cup and saucer and have 'sailing tweeds'.