Tuesday, October 30, 2007

A Police Priority

As you know we now live in a glorious socialist workers paradise - where as a consequence of the boundless munificence of Gordo no one need want, as we have the middle classes to pay for everything.

As such all crime has been eradicated - and the police are free to devote their efforts and capital to automated crime - such as bus lane cameras, speed cameras, parking meter infringement, box junction crossing cameras and other ways to criminalise the tax-paying classes for the smallest of infringements that can enforced by a short subroutine.

It is not a police priority anymore to investigate Private Property that is now being broken into twice to three times a week.
Obviously because we have had another vehicle stolen, our club house trashed, radios taken, meagre bar takings (£5 in change...) robbed, hangars damaged and the property rendered pretty much uninsurable we cannot be considered as at being in any risk. After all, we are not a police priority. How can we be. Nothing left worth stealing.

I suspect if we winged one of the fuckers with a bird-scarer we would be in terrible trouble - but we live under Labour - which means as a sport club encouraging flying we are not a Labour client group and as there are no votes to be had from the aviation community we do not feature in the politicised priorities of the boys in blue. Except, of course - if I do 33 mph on the way home, then I deserve all I get - obviously.

I bet if one of the scrotes broke in, walked into a prop or tripped over onto one of the sharp objects we have lying around we would have to pay compensation.


Anonymous said...

Sorry to hear about the break in old chap - not sporting having young hooligans marauding around ones club, breaking the China, scoffing the digestive biscuits & trampling over the latest Yachting monthly.

If it's any consolation house burglary is on the way out & has shown a massive decline over the last few years - all thanks to Tescos & stupendously cheap consumable goods - hence not a Police priority - ah! Market forces & in communist Britain?

Hopefully the allure of clip boards, loud speaks & freshly ironed polyester trouser won't lure them back in the near future

Nicodemus said...

The decline is only if you believe government stats.

Anonymous said...

perhaps ...

but more interesting

the freshly ironed polyester trouser insinuation didn't raise an eyebrow

...hows the beard coming along

Nicodemus said...

It was beneath mention my dear. But no worse than your prediliction for side-pressed crimpelene flares. In Beige.

No beard here, either.

But you know that gliding does attract the beardy-weirdies.