Monday, April 16, 2007

What would Nelson say?

I have been pondering the 'plight' of the Iran 15.

I do have a couple of thoughts.

I understand the Lieutenant that when surrounded by superior gunnery, there is no shame in striking your colours to save your crew. This fellow indeed new the rules, and struck accordingly. My knowledge of current doctrine is pretty hazy, but unless the witless socialists have infected Naval doctrine, then we expect that - as we did in Soviet days - seized crew would be used as propaganda tools.
I therefore imagine they knew they would be used as such.
I do, though, want to pick up a few bits.

Compare the following:
A battered John Nichol - who had banged out of his kite when they shot his tail off with anti aircraft guns as he flew at 20 feet bombing an enemy runway - blinking out SOS on Iraqi telly….
The milksops who blubbed that nasty guard had taken his iPod, and dear Queen of Hearts Failing Seaman Faye who was prepared to 'Do Anything' to get home in time to see her daughter.

I nearly choked on my Earl Grey when I read that.

Surely that undermines having women in the front line doesn't it? Say anything to the Enemy to get home in time?

Correct me if I am wrong, but the traditions of the Service is that the RN consider themselves superior as everyone, everyone goes to the 'front line'. You all go to sea.
I have always held the Senior Service in the highest regard, but these two pointless knicker wetters have lost my sympathy.

I pay my tax so you guys go out there, shoot people, get shot at, dodge torpedoes and the like. You join the navy to go in harms way.

In the course of your duty you should also expect that your government would look after you, and if you are illegally seized then you won't rot in some third world jail or if you have to go through a show trial, they will get you out somehow.
I can understand that you know the witless socialists in charge haven't got the balls to sort anything out and would fuck up something like this, and do-gooder rules of engagement you have to work under are written by similar knicker-wetter social worker Islington dinner party types who can't tell a 4.5'' shell from a diversity outreach seminar. (Probably something in them about rewarding the anti social behaviour - or that they are failed consumers really)

Also the government spin machine probably thought we would buy this tommy-rot as counter propaganda - so got them so sell the more victimish stories on, as a tear jerker - 'Oh How they were saved.'


Was this the same service who fought in the South Atlantic, dodging Exocets and thousand pounders in bomb alley? The same Service of Nelson's Band of Brothers? The same grit as the heroes of the Atlantic convoys?
Whining that you were roughed up, cried for your mum 'cos the nasty boys took your stereo or you would happily derelict your duty to get home for your daughter's birthday?

This behaviour we expect from the RAF, not the Navy.

Oh, and I reckon this is covered by Article 10.


Anonymous said...

Nelson wouldnt say anything he would have gone straight at em, never mind manouevers or passing of any salt. Seriously though - they should be court martialled for giving succour to an enemy power. Still i don't reckon any commanding officer would have either on board again - spect it is the sea fencibles for them

Nicodemus said...

Towed across Pompey harbour on a grating and broke to a man!
Almost as shameful as Des 'Beaker' Browne wibbling away in the commons. No decency, and not fit to lead those in uniform.
Carrington resigned over the invasion of the Falklands. This goon can't spell the word.

Even the Sea Fencibles have standards.