Thursday, April 19, 2007

It looks distubingly like the Proper map of the 'Good Old Days'

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One has to ask the following simple question about the bits I haven't been to yet:

1. Can they make a decent cup of tea?
2. Have they got proper money with the queen on it?
3. Do they play cricket?

If the answer is none of the above, then I'm sorry it is probably not worth going there.

In fact there are a few of them I have been to where they can not only fail to make a christian cup of tea, but they entertain whiggsh notions such as putting bridges on their money, and insisting that we all share it.


Anonymous said...

Go to Russia for the weekend. It'll make your map look a zillion times more impressive, because of its vast landmass. My map looks so impressive because several places I went to very briefly for work are biiiiiiig. Heh.

Nicodemus said...

Been offline for a bit 'cos of work, and I will hat-tip your ace map.
I intend to do some long weekends in the next year asI have no ties, and I feel like looning about. These include the Ottoman empire, and some of French North Afrique. I will steer clear of our TransJordan mandates as they are a tad volatile and the locals are excitable.