Friday, January 12, 2007

Nanny and another envy tax!

Just had a thought Chaps… know this road pricing hoo-hah?
Nanny wants to track my movements everywhere - you know the one?

Well, as you know, this particular Nanny and her cohorts would have trouble administering a whelk stall.

I have had a bit of a thought....

Well - it is going to be adminstered by Her Home Office - correct?
And how good are they at tracking things? Or for that matter succesfully implementing anything larger than a press conference?

Anwyay - I imagine that it will only apply for vehicles registered in the UK. Simple! Buy a right-hand drive car in Europe, register it in Holland, then 'visit'. If the blighters can't find an axe murderer who they get specifically told about how on earth will they find ten thousand of us without trackers in cars? Given sufficient demand I am sure I can come up with an export arrangement with Austin Healy or Morris Garages!

I see an opportunity here for offshore registration…..I shall discuss with My Man Of Business….watch this space!

Brooom! Brooom!

1 comment:

Gledwood said...

Envy tax. Hmmm. I'm totally against the politics of envy.

Equally so the politics of greed.

A government for all people! That's what we need! (Just don't make it New Labour any more. Please!!!)