Friday, June 04, 2010

From the shadows he will rise

Okay, okay.

It has been two years since I have written anything here largely because I have been frightfully busy.

Busy with the Dear Northerner.

Busy with cleaving myself twain from the yoke of Big Grey, setting up my very own boutique consultancy dedicated to earning filthy lucre.

Busy moving house to North of the 53rd Parallel and inveigling myself in James Herriot country.

Busy acquiring suitable tweeds for hearty strides across the moors.

Busy buying 'gay' car but with a whale skin interior, baby seal eyes for headlights and huuuge V6 engine.

Busy not knowing what to write and finding out that the Dear Northerner was reading this with alacrity and searching the archives. Not Good. Especially when I said things about her

Anyway - my dear readers have spoken and they want more.

Better get cracking hadn't I? And there is so much to go on now..........


Bod said...

Welcome back Mr Chap - you have been missed.

Moved North?


You didn't get married too did you?

Nicodemus said...

I am Back indeed old boy.....years worth of material but a proper job to do now as well.
North Yorkshire isn;t really the North - it's more like Gloucestershire but with stone walls and dry humour.
Getting Married next year.....