Friday, February 29, 2008

Cry god for Harry?

So Harry has been doing active duty, as his Uncle did before him.
Andy was an Exocet target and I recall he was shot at more than once or twice, including diverting at least one live missile.
Phil, also, served, got shot at and in his case fought the Nazis and saw action in the Pacific and Crete.
But royal duties aside one shortly expects the usual guff from the Lefty media.

Simple question: How many of those criticising have served and seen active duty?

Saying that - how many of our actual government have even done a day's honest work in their lives?
At least our unelected Monarchs have had experience of leading people (in this case at risk of life and limb) rather that through some grisly self promoted activity of think-tank wonkery or human rights lawyership.

Say what you like about a constitutional monarchy - at least he has the decency to do something considered old-fashioned by our current political class.


Good one Harry. You are now better fit to lead than the entire Labour government.

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Anonymous said...

Andy was relatively safe... especially as the Exocet's guidance control was far more inferior than Fergie's state of the art free meal detection system. The poor chap, all those air miles and he didn't stand a chance.