Tuesday, September 04, 2007

'Apres mois le deluge'

Apparently (according to R4) Peter Jackson of 'Bad Taste' and the Lord of the Rings Trilogy is to remake the 'Dambusters'.
It was nice to hear one of the original aircrew from 617 sqn and the appropriate deference from Sir Max Hastings - but one wonders - will we get the same deference shown to the original story?
Admittedly - we have all moaned (as Sir Max did) about how Hollywood as re-won the war and it is probably hoped that being from the Commonwealth he would be sympathetic to many of the details - but the question stands:

With these revisionist times - can we be certain that the details of the world's most famous bomber squadron will have their story told properly - or will it be remodulated for today's audience?

After all, what will they call Wing Commander (VC, DSO + Bar, DFC) Guy Gibson's dog?

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